Call For Abstracts

IPWEA now invites individuals or organisations to share their experiences and ideas by submitting abstracts for papers to be presented at the Sustainability in Infrastructure Conference 2018.

Abstracts across the following core topic area are invited:

  • Roads, bridges and pavement technology that enhances resilience
  • Social, cultural and indigenous resilience for our communities
  • Impacts of climate change on public infrastructure
  • Technical innovation that imbeds resilience into public infrastructure

Abstracts for papers on any of the following supplementary topics would also be welcomed:

  • sustainable procurement practices

  • economic sustainability

  • energy efficiency

  • sustainability rating tools

  • green infrastructure

  • valuing natural assets

  • incorporating sustainability into asset management

  • stormwater, drainage, WSUD, and flood management

  • managing parks

IPWEA is also keen to receive abstracts about case studies that have implemented one or more of the Top 5 Sustainability Priority Actions identified at the 2014 & 2016 conferences:


  • Sustainability targets for council – adopting, monitoring and reporting results
  • Whole-of-life costing  – to justify economic sustainability benefits of proposals
  • Sustainability procurement policies/ process – requiring explicit consideration of sustainable use of material
  • Designing in-built resilience – to cope with climate change impacts and other future challenges
  • Installing LED street lights and smart controls – to reduce environmental impacts and achieve cost efficiencies

First Announcement and Call for Papers

Presentation Types

  1. Oral Presentation: 20 minute presentation time in a concurrent session.
  2. Video Poster: This new initiative will allow delegates to pre-record five-minute “You Tube” style video presentations instead of the traditional poster presentations. These on-demand videos will be available for delegates to view throughout the conference with an allocated time for the presenting author to be available for queries. (Maximum time per video allowed – 5 mins.)

Abstract Submission

Please note that abstract submission is only available online If you are interested in submitting an abstract for consideration, please complete the following steps:

  1.  Download and read the Author Instructions. Please print these instructions and have them nearby when you are ready to submit your abstract.
  2. Save the Abstract Template to your computer, and use this to prepare your abstract.
  3. Write your abstract using the Microsoft Word template, adhering to the formatting guidelines outlined in the Author Instructions. Save your abstract on your computer, in an easy to find location. Please note that abstract titles should be a maximum of 12 words, and abstract text should be a maximum of 300 words.
  4. Ensure you have a short biography (max 50 words) for yourself, and every co-author listed on the abstract.
  5. Click on the “Submit Abstract” button below, and follow the steps outlined in the Author Instructions. 

If you experience any difficulties with the abstract submission process, or have any questions, please contact Amy McIntosh at East Coast Conferences by emailing or by calling 02 6650 9800 or 0408 220 188.

Please note that abstracts need to be submitted by the main presenting author of the paper.

If accepted, all presenting authors will need to register and pay to attend the conference, at least for the day of the presentation. The deadline for presenters to register is Friday 6th April 2018.

Full Papers or An Extended Abstract Required

A full paper is encouraged from all those who are accepted to give oral presentations at the conference.  This will greatly enhance the information sharing benefits of participation at this conference.  Guidelines on full paper submission will be provided if your abstract is accepted. 

However FULL PAPERS ARE OPTIONAL. An extended abstract if about two pages will be accepted instead of a full paper. The deadline for both the full paper submission and the two page extended abstract is Friday 4th May 2018.

Critical Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday 16th February 2018
  • Presenter Notification: Friday 2nd March 2018
  • Early and Author Registration Deadline: Friday 6th April 2018
  • Full Paper or Extended Abstract Submission: Friday 4th May 2018